Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who's Christian Voice?

It's a joke isn't it! It has to be!

Every now and then, when I am feeling low or less that charitable, I wander off to the organ of that amazingly sexless man, Stephen Green. But I have to say, is it my imagination or has his site gone a bit quiet?

Perhaps his public mauling by Janet Street Porter, truly a better spectacle than even Jerry Springer, has taken the wind out of his sails. Or maybe he has realised his error in his totally sick portrayal of Hurrican Katrina purifying the city from gays. Or perhaps the worst of worst has happened - people have started to ignore him!

Poor little Greenie-poohs! No one love you? After all the hate you have spread, the puritanical bial that you have spouted, the divisions you have tried to create in the name of an old, tired god. Life goes on, one of the gays you so hate said of New Orleans. And so it does. Do you ever so mind that we carry on without you?


(Cheered up now for that pointless little rant)

Have more laughs at www.christianvoice.org....