Tuesday, March 21, 2006

About MajorityRights.com

Anyone seen this site Majority Rights? It is the normal thing, "We are not really racisits, we just call black people negroes and hate them a little. But we could learn to love them as long as they go back to Africa and don't marry our daughters."

It is sites like that that make the internet a near waste of space. For instance, their coverage of the sad affair of Mary-Ann Leneghan, brutally murdered by six men (convicted today) consists only of them leaping up and down because no one has mentioned the fact that the men are black. Who cares? They are thugs - that is all we need to know.

I haven't said that the writers on Majority Rights are white, anachronistic, savage, purile, bitter, twisted, anal, pathetic, swivel-eyed little gits (sorry, Mr Cleese) even though they are!

Oh, I just have!

Naughty Ratty!

PS: Don't go and visit their site - let them whither away in loneliness!

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