Friday, March 24, 2006

The Great Nationalism Scam

I am not a believer in conspiracy theories - they normally result from the ignorant, though sadly intelligent, not being able to make sense of logic and deciding that the totally illogical is far more reasonable.

I don’t like the idea of Plots, as these often seem like more carefully worked conspiracy theories, rather than a group of people, more by chance than skill, actually managing to pull something off.

I am, however, rather fond of the good old scam. Now I am not talking about sending money to Nigeria, though this uses simi8lar principles, but the good old fashioned scams - the ones traditionally pulled by politicians, advertising men and even journalists, when they realise that their future pay packets rely on the interest from the great unwashed.

Before we look at the particular scam called Nationalism, why does a scam work?

For any scam or con to work it is necessary for the scammee to be totally taken in by the scammer. This, it would appear, needs to be a subtle process where truth and untruth are carefully interwoven to produce a plausible package. Certainly this is the route taken by newspapers who have a stance that is not matched by the news of the day. Thanks to statistics and the fact that any FACT is normally equally supported and undermined, and a good writer can make any story point the way they want it to. All they need to do is demote those contradictory annoying bits of information to the pile labelled "irrelevant" and what is left should do the job for you.

However, such subtlety and cleverness is not always needed. If the information itself is not totally plausible, that is not a problem as long as long as the scammers them selves are plausible. African dictators are good at this one. They become larger than life, almost god-like, and then use this power to tell the people pretty much what they like. It kind of works along the line of, “If I want your opinion I will give it to you.” They few that see through the scam tend to disappear, of course.

So, that is scamming for you. But why do I say that Nationalism is a scam?

The best way to identify a scam is to look at the true interests of the scammer. Lets take a retail group – say a supermarket – and examine where their interests lie. A supermarkets true interest is in growth. By growing it can support a wider infrastructure. This is more stable, allowing the business to be a more reliable money making proposition. This interest is not solely one of the management but works all the way down the ranks. Long term employment is a major concern of most working people, the proletariat, and a stable company will always be popular with its work force. Supermarkets have also interests in the happiness of their shareholders. Major growth moves may rely on investment rather than sales and happy investors will cough up money – unhappy ones have a tendency to sell.

Rather low down, therefore, are the products – the food, clothes, etc. But it is these products that attract the money, the customer, into the store. But products cost money, and the customer is averse to spending more than a set amount. For this all to work, therefore, it is necessary to make as much profit on each item as possible. And this is done by reducing quality, playing with quantity and screwing the producers. But don’t the public object to all of this? No. Most people couldn’t tell a good piece of meat from a cheap, water bloated piece of meat – they rely on the supermarket to tell them the difference and they lie. Don’t believe me?

Go back a hundred years to a butcher and no self-respecting housewife would by a piece of Beef for Sunday that wasn’t well-hung, nice and black and tasty as hell. The trouble with well-hung black beef is that you have to store it for a few weeks, and storing costs money. If you are trying to sell in bulk, you better have a nice quick turn around. This was a problem for the up and coming supermarkets. So, they started to perpetuate a lie, supported by the wholesalers. This came in two favours. Firstly they started spreading the story that black meat was rotten meat and dangerous. Which it is not. They then said that only bright red, lean meat was really good. They were growing beef herds a lot faster by now in sheds, however, and the meat could be a bit pale. So they dyed it.

A hundred year later and the lies have eventually stuck. My local butcher still has well hung meat – but it is in the back. If he displayed it people would think his meat rotten and stop shopping there. The supermarkets have won, and we are the worse of for it. But most people don’t realise it.

So, the supermarkets work entirely for their own self interests and will corrupt the message to make sure that those interests are supported. If you cannot supply what the customer wants, change the customer. It is very easy – most people have little in the way of opinions; they almost have an opinion vacuum. All you need to do is fill that void with what you want them to believe, just like that African dictator. That is a scam.

Nationalists, like the racist BNP, use exactly the same techniques. They convince people with little opinion that their life is worse than it used to be (which is normally untrue), that their future is even worse (a bigger lie still) and that the blame lies with the breakdown of a single race society (which actually never even existed.)

It is amazingly easy to do when you realise how ignorant people really are about the fact. Ask many people and they believe the British or the English (depending on the wording of your poll) are a race. No, they are a mixture of a several – in differing quantities depending when your lot actually arrived here. Racial purity, as in most places in the world, is a near impossibility.

Next, lets get people confused about some immigration facts. Most people can’t count. If you ask them what a million people look like, they would probably get it very wrong. March organisers know this. They will say that 100,000 people marched, when the police figures say around 40,000 actually turned up. (The police use high-level camera evidence, which is surprisingly accurate.) However, when people look at the photos they cannot conceive the numbers – it looks like lots, so they believe the bigger figure. A couple of websites later and the figure is now 200,000.

Again, the Nationalists can use this to their hearts content, aided by the fact that the mainstream parties spend so much time arguing figures that everyone is confused. The BNP state in one of their promotional videos: Millions of immigrants come to these shores each year. Actually, it is between 70,000 and 150,00 depending on what unrest there is around. But remember people can count. They see more “black faces” in their high street than they used to – it has to be millions.

The next trick up the Nationalist sleeve is verbiage. People mistakenly confuse quantity for quality – and we know the supermarkets have made a fortune out of that one! But it also applies to words. At the bottom of this article I give a link to an article by Nick Griffin from the BNP, arguing various nationalistic points. The Article is 8500 words long – pretty hefty! It takes an intelligent, well informed person to write that long, doesn’t it? No. It just takes someone who can keep talking rubbish for eternity. And boy, is this a fine example. It rambles, wanders, idealises, confuses – I got about halfway down and started dosing off. Forget the contents, it is ridiculous pointless drivel. But, Griffins supporters will be all the more mislead by it.

Nationalism is simply another word for isolationism. The BNP admit it.


1) We (the BNP) are against the war in Iraq;
2) We are against overseas military adventures generally (though sending an SAS platoon to arrest and hang Robert Mugabe, and halt the persecution and extermination of the last white Rhodesians would be the exception to prove the rule);
3) We don't want to export our political system to the Third World;
4) We don't believe in imposing our economic system by force;
5) We don't believe in multi-culturalism;6) We don't believe in laissez-faire economics domestically;
7) We oppose international free trade;
8) We don't believe in 'propositional nations' (That means they only want a nation united by common blood ties - a pure race state, in other words);
9) We don't seek to impose Western culture on the whole world.

Pull up the drawbridge, man the turrets, close your ears and shut your eyes. Create a siege mentality when no one wants to besiege you. This system cannot survive – certainly not on a little island. People will want nothing to do with you. You are not dealing with them, why should they reciprocate? There are plenty of others out there. They idea is doomed before it starts – and the nationalist know it. But, running with the idea, selling it to the ignorant; that is power. That is feeding the self interest. It is not an ideology fit for use, any more than was Marxism. It is not a satisfactory life choice. It is as exciting as living in a supermarket – except most of the shelves will be empty.

It is a scam – pure and simple.


The original misleading and totally ridiculous article is:

By their fruits (or lack of them) shall you know them - Nick Griffin