Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stand by for the tree huggers

BBC NEWS | Health | Animal tests 'false reassurance'

In the BBC Article, Dr David Clover says, apparently, that animals are not the best way to test certain drubs - for instance the ones given to the six men the other day. I use the word "apparently" as I am so used to scientist getting misquoted, misunderstood, make your choice.

Animal testing is never the best way as there is no "best way" as such. However, even when a drug is very human specific, as this and many are, animal testing gives very importent information. This drug would have been tested several ways, and you will notice that Dr Glover was not involved in the testing or this drug, nor probably knows much about what tests this drub has thus far been subjected to.

However, scientists will tend to do off the cuff coments not realising that journalists will quote their statement as definitive rather than discursive. And the result is that the rediculous anti testing lobby will take this as fuel to their pointless arguments.

It would be better if scientists could keep their trap shuts unless they are presenting a well researched and rehersed paper - they don't seem to be able to manage ad-libs.