Sunday, March 19, 2006

"I am an artist!" - I think not!

I am acreative sort of rat. I like creative things, I play with creative ideas. I am not sure I have ever managed artistic, but I have had my fun. However, should I ever wish to do something that could be described as art, I will go out of my way to make sure it is appreciated as art by a wide and diverse community.

If on the other hand I want to be a complete and utter idiot, making a stupid protest in an irresponsible way, annoying thousands for the hell of it, and achieving nothing but earning the title of crass git of the year, then I hope someone will slap me before I ever call it art.

"I understand we are in a drought. But I am an artist so I'm not actually wasting water for nothing." Says performance artist Mark McGowan. No you are not. You are a sad little git that needs to be told to stand in the corner. If you were not getting in the way of decent humanity we should simply turn our backs on you till you fade away to nothingness. Or is that what you are afraid of?

Art has been subverted by the millionaires, corrupted by the anal elite, debased by a selfish minority. Art is communication, it is silent opinion, observation or simple admiration. It is a way for one person to talk to millions. But what is called art today, what is done by the Tracies, the Damiens, and the Marks is nothing more than drivel. If you need to explain it for the majority to get it, then you have failed. If most people do not understand you it is not them that has got it wrong, it is you own inability to communicate. And if you cannot communicate, then you cannot wear the artists badge.