Friday, March 17, 2006

Victory for Common Sense - Prince blocks diary publication

The Mail on Sunday's assertion that they should published nicked diaries of the Prince of Wales because "they are in the public interest" was always complete nonsense. We all know that this is the type of pathetic act normally commited by spiteful 8 year old girls when they find a "love note" written to a pet enemy - Go tell the whole playground!

The Prince of Wales has every right to grumble about "dreadful old waxworks" and other such descriptions - and in the case of the chinese leadership he was painfully accurate. If anyone cares to read Churchill's war diaries the way he describes various allies is far from flattering. But that was Churchill - we liked him, he can say anything.

The Mail on Sunday has never liked Charles, mostly because they are still defending that indefensible woman, Diana. Any chance to give HRH a good kicking they will make use of with hand-rubbing relish. This most unpleasant publication, read by some of the more unpleasant of society, has deserved to lose this action. I hope they lose the rest too.

As for Charles - good on yer mate!

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