Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some people don't deserve air time.

Did he do it or not? Did he kill his step daughter or is there a killer still on the loose? We shall never know since Sion Jenkins has been formally aquitted as a jury, minds bent hother and thither by a plethora of forensic evidence and scientific argument were, understandably, unable to reach a verdict. Please note - they did not clear him, just could not find the truth. The law has "formally" aquitted him as the process has reached is tortuous end.

For good or bad, people will have thier opinions. Some will say that he murdered Billie-Jo, some will say he did not. Both will be certain they know and both will be talking from a point of total ignorance. Only two people know the truth adn one of those is dead.

There comes a time in these bitter ordeals when one has to quit and lay the story to rest. What ever the truth about Jenkins, he should now quietly disapear. The rest of Billie-Jo's family, who have thier own opinions, are well past the time where they should be trying to rebuild their shattered lives. The outcome is unsatisfactory, but for good or ill it is the outcome we have reached. C'est la vie, mes amie.

So what do ITN go and do? They go and interview the bloke on prime time television!

Why? For what purpose? It is not in the public interest, the trials are all over. It is not going to reveal anything new - everything that could come out has come out. It is not going to make a young girl rest any easier. So what is it for?

Simple, ITV, the master of trash TV has shown once again that it is capable of producing the most tasteless rubish in the form of Voyeur TV. Because that is all it is: voyeurism. And they know it. They will wave the public interest flag all over the place, but will care little whether anyone believes them. They make way to much money feeding the sick, voyeuristic side of society with trash such as this.

Do you think the family enjoyed it as much as the continuously overated Trevor McDoughnut? (A man who would have been nothing without that seaside comic, Lenny Henry.) And when you read the summary - have we learnt more. Not a single thing.

Oh Goody.


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