Saturday, March 18, 2006

Milosevic? Oh, I am sure he was wonderful really!

The human, especially the medi infected human has the most amazing ability to forgive once someone is dead. It seems to be particularly prevelent in the West for some reason. So and so - such a bitch, rude to her mother! She's dead? Oh, I will so miss the treasured times we spent together!

And it would have been so easy for the Serbian government to do the same with Milosevic. Certainly, the Butcher of Belgrade seems well loved by at least a percentage of his population. Whether they are made up of those that do not believe the accusations about Milosevic, or whether they are supporters of his ethnic cleansing policy, I could not tell, but they have been out in their droves.

But the otherwise uncooperative Serbian government has stuck to common sense - no state funeral, no let up on his exiled family, no sweeping history under the carpet.

And so Milosevic will be remebered as a slaughterer, though an unproven one. Because, let' face it, when it comes to political figures the dirt stick whatever the outcoem of a trial.

So long Slobby old boy - I feel you will belong to a very specialised but growing little club in the afterlife. Hitler, Stalin ...

Rat Fiend

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