Sunday, March 19, 2006

Somebody do something about Ms. Short!

Am I the only one (apart from T. Blair, probably) who is absolutely sick and tired of the ravings of Clare Short? This daft politician has such an obvious hatred of Tony Blair that is oozes out of every orafice when she is interviewed.

Now, I am not saying that she doesn't have some reasons to be against at least some of what comes out of number 10, but her opinions have disintergrated into teeth grinding fury of the kind that become more and more rediculous in every telling. Not for her a simple complaint that the Prime Minister is losing contact with the electorate or something similar that might have a plausability about it. Oh, no. She has to go for the full, little zitty kid paranoid conspiracy theory:

"What we're getting is a bubble of these clever people who've captured the state, don't need a party, don't need any members, don't have turbulent people having opinions, who then get money from rich people and run our state without consulting anyone else."

Okay, Clare, calm down. But then she has always been thus. It has not always been bitter but more often than not she has appeared, as my mother would say, "like someone with a bad smell under her nose." Indeed! And in this case the aroma is all Shorty-poos.

There are some people in this world who seem to go our of their way to misunderstand everything everybody says, just because it either does not fit with how they think or they simply do not like the person speaking. It is a perculiar inability to listen accurately. It goes far beyond having bios in your analysis and extends to a one sided filter as the information goes in. The person does not analyse the facts wrong, they are unable to hear them write in the first place. Worse still, these people invariably think they are very clever.

An ancient Persian proverb gets it right:

He who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is a fool, shun him.


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