Monday, March 20, 2006

Music and Words - Dancing Bear

Away from the politics for a moment, and onto a pet subject of mine - that of music in advertising. Now I know that this rat is probably a bit biased, seeing that I do write music for advertising, but I sometimes think that the music component often gets undersold.

Let's take your favourite advertising jingle. Most polls show that it is the infamous "Shake 'n' vac" ad written by Johnathan Hodge. Yes, I know it is annoying, but at the time it was recogniseable, cheesey and highly succesful. And this has been the trick of a good jingle, all the way back to "Shrimpams paste have a family traddition," in the 1950's.

The ones that really worked, that stayed the course, were cheesey, corny, clichéd and everything else insulting you can throw at a piece of music. And that was WHY they worked!

So, lets get rid of all this lovely sophisticated stuff, including some that I write, and lets raise a galss for corn, for cheese and most of all for the wonderful cliché. I want to write in a major key again!