Friday, March 17, 2006

MPs Grubby Washing

Are we so tardy in sorting out this cash for peerages law? The SNP, rushing on their way to phone Scotland Yard, point to an existing law from 1925 that makes such impropriety an offence. But then, the SNPs answer to anything is "Police!" I suppose it works on the principle that if you can't beat them, dig up the dirt.

The more interesting issue here is a willingness by the two major parties to simply clean up their acts. Even the Lib Dems have been remarkably low key, though they are slightly less steeped in these problems - mostly because no body has asked them. It is very difficult to get involved in a scandalous party if no one has remembered to invite you in the first place!

This is an occassion where, instead of mutual head bashing, or even calling 999, there is an opportunity to actually sort something out properly - with everybody in agreement. Accept Alex Salmon of course, or probably Gorgeous Galloway - but who gives a damn about hsoe two idiots anyway; they have hardly served anyone right.

So, brush down the diplomacy, wheel out the backrooom boys and lets do something possitive. But do remember - better to wash ALL your grubby nickers in public this time round than have a few more slip out of the basket later!