Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The world of the sad little git

Today I have received a little deluge of comments from one sad little hopeless git.

He, for I assume it is a he, has found my quiet little blog and decided not to comment on what I have said, but to simply insult me.

I do not know this person
I doubt he knows me.

He strikes me as someone who would never dare say these things to my face.

In one post, he says he is doing this because he is bored at work. He should feel himself lucky - I doubt he would have work if this attitude of his were better known.

I do not understand this type of person.

It is similar to the kind of people who write viruses for computers and then giggle Beavis and Butthead style to themselves as they see peoples machines and sometimes even livelihoods eaten away.

Or the spotty little sad chap in school who drops nasty little notes into some girls locker. Then hides behind a tree to see if he can glimpse her knickers.

Or the kids that throws mud at an old ladies window, because somehow frightening the living daylights out of her is seen as funny.

Ian Duncan Smith talks much of a Broken Society and blames, unfairly, the role of unmarried and single parent families.

Maybe he would be better to focus on why there are so many nasty little people like this person flinging insults at me. Maybe he can find one of the Tory's famous islands to put them all on.

But then they would have to get on with each other, and that they would find impossible.

The Internet has become a haven for such people. They can hide behind it, be anonymous, giggle till they drool at the wave of sickness they spread.

But the one thing I can guarantee - they don't boast to their mummies about what they did in work today.