Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Daily Mail Incites Hatred

Standing in a queue at my local supermarket is a pain, but it does afford one the opportunity to gaze at the headlines of the various national newspapers.

Distance means that I cannot read the whole article, just the headline, and so it is a good test as to a headlines intent.

Following the Conviction of the four cowardly idiots yesterday for the attempted bombings of 21st July last year, the Daily Mail ran a headline making a massive deal over the fact that the terrorists were refugees on benefits.

So what?

What is important is that they were 4 criminally minded thugs who wanted to kill innocent people. Who cares where they came from?

99.9% of vicious nasty crime in this country is caused by home grown, white, British thick heads. Racists attacks are caused mostly by British Nationals.

Now, I know that the Daily Mail is simply xenophobic and nationalistic. And I know they never feel more pleased with themselves than when they are hating someone, but do they really think that by inferring that the problem here is that the convicted were refugees is really going to help anything?

No. It will just increase divisions, turn more ignorant white nationalists to organizations like the BNP, and make life worse for everyone.

Yep. I have no problems in saying that the Daily Mail incited hatred.

Don't we have a law against that yet?


Grumpy Nobody

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