Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday's child is full of woe!

Diary Entry for Monday the 2nd of July

Sunday dawned wet and feverish, which is somewhat off putting when one considers that the date hailed it as the first of July. I remember a time when July greeted us with sparkling mornings as the dew was lifted from the grass by the breaking sun, warm lunches and long evenings. This July, however, is thoroughly anti-Wimbledon, for those who still partake of that ancient sport of Lawn Racquet Tennis.

However, I who am thoroughly bored of grunting and groaning athletes headed for the cultural challenges of the Waddesdon Manor Art Dance and Drama festival. Hundreds of over eager youngsters tapping and whinnying and over acting them selves to oblivion. One of them belongs to my household, so I went along with well practiced cheery face to enjoy the happenings.

For some reason, the day decided to keep the wetting to a minimum, and we managed to watch most of what was required while remaining mostly dry. And jolly good it was too!

It is an interesting affair. A goodly entrance fee ensures that although the performances may be many moons away from professionalism, the staging and equipment is first class and run by professionals. At least, when mistakes were made they came through the speaker systems with a clarity and precision the like of which is a treat for a school performer, if a little painful for the less than doting members of the audience.

Returning home, and I decided to treat the family to one of my little fish suppers: baby clams cooked in a fennel and tomato soup, grilled fillets of salmon, calamari, grilled tiger prawns and a bowl full of soft rice with courgette and red capsicum.

Eventually I find my way onto the Internet to survey the weekends events. The normal mix, some dreadful flooding and the odd political note was almost completely drowned out by the continuing attempts by people to blow us all up.

This is really quite upsetting and bewildering - why should they want to blow up some kids in a nightclub? Or a family on their way to holiday?

Oh, I understand that baffoons like Gorgeous Galloway think that it all our fault, and that Lord Ahmed thinks we should just go around saying sorry to everyone, and perhaps start worshipping his god to be on the safe side, but personally I think all that is a load of baloney!

I really don't think our current stack of radicals and terrorists are doing this because we have upset them. They are doing this because they don't like us. They don't like the way we can laugh at anything, including them. They don't like the fact that we protect gay rights. They don't like that we think women as equals to men. And they really hate the fact that some of us simply do not believe in their god at all.

This is not especially a Muslim thing - there are Christian idiots out there who hate the same things. It is a fanatics thing, and this world does not need fanatics, of any shape or belief. The BBC today asked how safe do you feel in the UK? MY sole comment was simply we did not run from the IRA, we won't run from this lot either; it is business as usual.

Talking of the BBC, I noticed that a bit of my blog ended up on Nick Robinsons blog under "blogs linking here." I better start saying nice things about him! No, give me just a minute, I'll think of something ...