Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Up Sticks and rush to save the Queen!

The old carbuncle, my dear housekeeper Mrs Bi-Monthly, decided this morning to turn the household into an over chlorinated public bath. Or at least that is how it felt to my embattled nasal passages.

The result of this campaign was that I resigned myself to find quarters elsewhere in the city. First stop would be to St James and lean on the favour of my Club's Doorman. However, my untimely arrival seemed to have put the gentle soul's nose out of joint as he was having some of the brass work re-guilded.

commons-gallery Next stop, therefore,  was to the Commons, and a restful loiter in the Gallery above the chamber. If you have not been there I would recommend a visit. It give a magnificent view of the commons and as long as there is nothing major happening is a good place to relax while the business chatters on below.

Not this day, however. Three things occurred. Firstly the new Prime Minister decided he would flex his ample vocal muscles to the delight or otherwise of the assembled. Secondly, he decided to rewrite, or at least write, the constitution on the spot. And thirdly, he did not have the foresight to brief the hacks, so the whole flaming crew from paper and TV were packed into the gallery desperately trying to remember their shorthand.

To be fair, the new First Lord of the Treasury had some interesting things to say. You may wade through it here.

But a quick summery might be put at returning, or bringing, more power to the common man. Hmmm. So that would be away from the Monarchy then? The Royal Prerogative, perhaps? That will make a few of the old Lords Jittery down at the club! I didn't think that GB was a republican, but with phrases like Bill of Rights and WRITTEN constitution knocking around, and passing more powers to the commoners, and a threatened statement about the future of the Lords before the Holidays - well who knows?

Worrying times indeed!

However the reactions of the Tories and the Lib Dems brought things down to earth. Quite a lot of what Brown said you would think would find favour - especially with Ming the Meaningless, and even with the Boy David, when in his more liberal mood.

But no - faced with the possibility that Brown might just find favour with the British People, they upped drawbridges and just accused him of having blood on his hands.

Well, they obviously want change then!

All in all, a most disquieting day. I am not sure what I fear most. The Old Carbuncles spring clean at home, or the First Lords hosing down of the constitution in the commons.