Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ah, the racists nibble back!

Diary Addendum - 26th June 2007, about half past seven.

Some 18 months ago I wrote a short post about a bigoted little site called Majority rights, or some such. It basically said they were a horde of puerile gits and we should ignore them.

Much to my surprise, today someone posted a comment to this very old article. It read:

Dismissing opposing ideas as "racist" or "against human rights" is easy and callous, but regrettably all too common. Perhaps you discourage your readers from visiting the site lest they agree with some of the arguements made? Best to put your head in the sand and not participate in a debate - why, you might be persuaded that you're wrong. And we wouldn't want that now would we? (I have left his spelling mistakes)

Now this person is either part of that rather horrific little enterprise, or just a cowardly, sad little fellow; for all their wonderful words, they had not the guts to put their name, even a nick-name to the comment.

So I have rejected the comment (as it would have been buried many posts ago and out of people's gaze) and put it here so we can all giggle at it in our own, wonderfully multicultural time.

You see, unlike with many subjects where there are more than one justifiable argument, with racism there is no justifiable argument - it is hideous, destructive and full of loathing and bigotry, however it is presented.

Oh, come on, if I am not allowed to be nasty to racists who try and cover up their paranoia and fear of other cultures behind so-called learned texts about sick ideas like "Ethnic Racial Interests", then who can I be nasty to?

All together now - laugh at the bigots!