Thursday, June 28, 2007

Five Carcasses of Mutton anyone?


Diary Entry for 28th June 2007

It has been a long day. I have to have walked at least thirty miles, going by the worn carpet between my desk and the telephone. Thirty miles of anguish, thirty miles of expectation, and what do I get?

Well, bugger all, to be honest.

Mr Brown says that he will be looking for Talent. He says that he needs to broaden government to ensure the best of ideas. He says that he will work across the political guide.

The Spice GirlsAnd to that end, this old rat has been pacing, and willing, and gnashing the old teeth waiting for the phone to ring. And did it? Nope.

Talking of talent, or not as the case may be, it appears that 5 ancient lambs are off on a world tour. Fabulous. That should brighten up my day about as fast as a stale pork pie. So one of my erstwhile contemporaries called to ask would I be indulging in any tickets. I asked the usual questions:

  • Have they had singling lessons?
  • Has Victoria realized that pouting makes her look like she is about to throw up?
  • Has Baby spice discovered that boring does not equate to stardom?
  • Has Mel C discovered anything at all?
  • Please tell me that Gerry has gotten rid of that Union Flag dress!
  • And what has Mel B does with her locks?

If the answer to any of the first 4 is no, forget it.

As Graham Norton pointed out, reunions only happen when Solo careers have gone ... oh, we see.

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