Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What right has the Daily Mail to kill a career?

Lord Browne, chairman of BP, has resigned after failing to stop an article about his relationship with his former partner.

Jeff Chevalier had a 4 year long relationship with the head of BP before deciding to sell his story to the Daily Mail.

So why did the mail publish this story?

Because through it they could give a malicious, unnecessary and school bully style kicking to someone who earns lots of money. That is it. In the story there were also allegations of improper use of BP resources (denied by every one), but the only real reason is that Lord Browne is Gay.

Oh my god!! Lord Browne is gay!!! Lets all rush to the papers and destroy the horrible little man!

So what?

The Daily Mail, this miserable little paper, really has nothing better to do than kick someone who has been very well regarded in running one of Britain's highest profile and most successful companies.

Unfortunately, in his complete embarrassment, Lord Browne was not truthful about how he and Jeff Chevalier met, and now may face perjury charges. The editors of the Mail must be wetting themselves in their pathetic glee.

THIS is our society, where the bully wins, where publishers think they are the real judge and jury, should decide who runs the country, should promote the religion of celebrity and should do it all so they can take our money.

We had the stone age, the bronze age, the industrial age - this was meant to be the enlightened technology age, but instead it is just the Bully Age.


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