Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Naughty BBC Iplayer!

The BBC is launching later this year an iplayer to enable people to use their new, upcoming on demand service.

Slight catch - it will only work with Microsoft Windows!

If you are a Mac user you might get a version in 2 years time. If you are a Linux user you might as well whistle!

Even the BBC Trust are not too happy about this: Click Here

Does this mean that the BBC have accepted Microsoft's domination of the market without question? Does this mean that they, a publically funded body have decided to help promote Windows Vista and it's build in DRM?

Bill Gates must feel like hugging them!

So, if you are a MAC user, or a Linux user or simply don't think that the BBC should be allowed to get away with this, go and sign the downing street petition - HERE

Go on! What are you waiting for?


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