Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How the Press exploit victims

The BBC today is reporting how victims and families of victims of the 7/7 attacks in London are pushing the government for a full blown, independent inquiry into how the intelligence services conducted their inquiries. Click Here

These people are being exploited by the press to CREATE news that just isn't there.

Yes, there were contacts between the Fertilizer bombers and the 7/7 bombers - there were contacts with a thousand or so other people too. This was a massive intelligence operation, but despite that, there is no way that every single contact could have been followed continuously. And, lets face it, at that early stage how was anyone to guess these two people would go on to become suicide bombers 18 months later?

But still, the press sinks it's teeth into the victims. The press knows that the victims have no more valid opinion than the rest of us. In fact, like the rest of us, they know nothing of how intelligence operations of this type are conducted, what the limitations are and what is in reality possible. The press know that the victims can, however, be used for unreasonable, emotional pressure - with real reason other than the presses obsessive desire to make a story far bigger than it is.

So, the press encourage, push, mislead, anything to get the relatives to say the things that make great headlines.

And the victims groups - do they know how they are being used? Do they realise that they are not only the innocent victims of the terrorists, but are now the victims of the medias money making machine?

Sadly, victims, understandably grieving, often do not see how they are being used and abused by the media. Some do - in all of these groups there are always a few families who say nothing, do not go to the meetings or join the protests. But many do - and are sucked up, chewed and spat out by the press.

It is one of the sickest crimes of our modern society.