Tuesday, January 30, 2007

BBC muck up casino coverage

The scene:

News 24. Three reporters at three location. Blackpool, Cardiff, the Dome. Two newscasters on the edge of their seats.

The countdown to 11:00 when the Casino Advisory Panel will make its announcement.

We jump from location to location - black pool the favorite, Cardif and the Dome nipping on the heals.

11:00. 11:01. 11:02 - the tension is unbearable. People frantically refreshing their browsers on the CAP website and then ...

YES!!! Its .....



And there you have it. The winner is Manchester and the press isn't there.

Other winners on smaller casinos are Milton Keynes (sadly), Leeds, Solihull and others - but not Blackpool, not the Dome and not Cardiff.

For the full report go here.